Exhibition Rules and Guidelines

Miniature Art works entered for ASMA Tasmania exhibitions must comply with the following Rules and Guidelines:

  • The area of the artwork image must not exceed 100 cm².
  • The outside perimeter of the frame must not exceed 100 cm.
  • The frame should be proportional to the image and be of a professional standard.
  • The image should embody the ‘spirit of the miniature’, i.e. the subject should show obvious size reductions unless the subject is already very small – such as a butterfly.
  • The artwork must be the artist’s own work and may not use any design or photographs to which others hold copyright.
  • The artwork should demonstrate skills in painting techniques, composition, perspective, creativity, tonal values, imagination, originality, evoke an emotion, demonstrate individual style, focus, appeal, and show some fine detail work.
  • Each work must be clearly marked on the back with your name, title of work, and medium. ASMA Tasmania has Society labels available for a small cost.
  • Each work must be packaged in its own bubble-wrap bag. Each bag must be labelled with your name and address so that it can be returned to you.
  • When pricing your work, please take account of entry fees, postage, framing costs, materials, commission, and of course your own talent. Sometimes a minimum price may be listed.  Please carefully check the appropriate entry forms for further information.